Cytognomix offers many standard single copy probes previously validated by FISH  for research use. Probes have also been pre-designed covering most regions for customized production and validation for research applications. Probes have also been pre-designed covering most regions for customized production and validation for research applications. Genome-wide and targeted microarray designs available for array comparative genomic hybridization. Solution capture arrays are available for targeted sequence enrichment in deep sequencing applications.


Inventing advanced reagents and software for genomic analysis

from patented genome bioinformatic technologies:

Shannon pipeline software for high throughput interpretation of genomic variation:

  • High accuracy prediction of  functional non-coding variants.
  • Genome-scale performance; hones in on a small number of variants.
  • Proven approach based on information theory.
  • Rapid results (10 minutes/genome).
  • Now Available Online!

Introduction to this revolutionary product

Veridical software for RNASeq-based validation of predicted mutations:

  • First product on the market to validate mutations with NGS data
  • Statistical approach to confirm predictions from the Shannon pipeline
  • Validates thousands of predictions in a few hours
  • Peer-reviewed; see testimonials 


Single Copy (sc) technology: genomic hybridization products for genetic disease management:

Imaging chromosome abnormalities:

  • Patented image analysis algorithms and software to automatically detect chromosome abnormalities.
  • Cytogenetic abnormalities are detected regardless of chromosome appearance, shape or structure.
  • ADCI software for detecting dicentric chromosomes in blood, which are diagnostic for ionizing radiation exposures.
  • NIH funded

Contact us:

E-mail: or      Phone:519-661-4255

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Genome-scale mutation interpretation

by subscription.

manhattan-like plot

Software to predict splicing mutations along a chromosome 







Validation of mutations

Intron inclusion for the inactivating mutation (chr12:83359523 G>A) within TMTC2









NGS Enrichment:

Complete Gene Sequencing

Breast cancer genes

Patented capture array content containing complete sequences of 7 breast cancer genes








Automated Splice Site and Exon Definition Server

Genomic microarrays

  • Reduced noise in genomic microarray data
  • More accurate and reproducible results
  • Fewer probes required

Have us design your microarray


Customized SC-FISH probes

Access Cytognomix’s SC-Genome Browser

scFISH probes

Probes based on chromosome coordinate, gene, chromosomal band, and other characteristics. Manufactured on demand.

Contact us for browser access*

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Mutation Forecaster

MutationForecaster™ ( is Cytognomix’s new web-portal for analysis of all types of mutations, interpretation, comparison and management of genetic variant data.  It is an integrated suite of software products where coding, non-coding, copy number variant analyses can be carried out, compared with published or your own databases, maintained or downloaded.  

MutationForecaster combines all of our world-leading genome interpretation software with the widely used Leiden Open Variation Database and EBI’s Variant Effect Predictor under one roof. We provide an end-to-end genome interpretation solution to expedite analysis by genomics research, translational and clinical labs.   

It will be released Q3, 2014.

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