Single copy FISH

Our online single copy FISH (scFISH) catalog: 

A subscription to our  MutationForecaster system provides genome browser access to our genome-wide custom probe designs through the  cytogenetic Visual Analytics Decision Support Tool. This tool displays the locations of FISH and oligonucleotide products used in microarray design and hybridization enrichment for Next generation sequencing.  If you don’t want to subscribe, you may also contact us to inquire about the probe catalog.


Discovery: Epigenetic differences in metaphase chromosomes detected by single copy fluorescence in situ hybridization (scFISH)!

Cytognomix is the exclusive provider of scFISH products to detect differential chromosome accessibility, as described in these recent peer-reviewed articles:

Hill, S.L., Rogan, P.K., Wang, Y.X. and Knoll, J.H. Differentially accessible, single copy sequences form contiguous domains along metaphase chromosomes that are conserved among multiple tissues. Molecular Cytogenetics14(1), 1-17, 2021. (pdf)

Khan W, Rogan PK*, Knoll JHM*. Localized, Non-random Differences in Chromatin Accessibility between Homologous Metaphase Chromosomes, Molecular Cytogenetics, 7: 70, 2014. 

Khan W, Rogan PK*, Knoll JHM*. Reversing chromatin accessibility differences that distinguish homologous mitotic metaphase chromosomes. Molecular Cytogenetics 8: 65, 2015.

Standard SC-FISH probes

DNA Probes previously verified by FISH. Probes available for numerous congenital disorders, leukemia and other cancer abnormalities.  Request one of our standard probes…(Bulk purchases only)

Customized SC-FISH probes

Probes (red boxes)  manufactured upon request. We have developed a genome-wide set of single copy probes.   Request  custom probes for your particular genomic interval of interest. (Bulk purchases only)


FISH probes, genomic microarrays and capture reagents for NGS are based on our patented ab initio technology (US Patents 7,734,424,  8,209,129, and 8,407,013).
Our portfolio also includes other US and international patents covering scFISH probes (eg. US Patents 6,828,097, 7,014,997) , and pending patent applications.