Product advantages

Shannon pipeline for high throughput interpretation of genomic variation:

  • High accuracy prediction of  functional non-coding variants.
  • Genome-scale performance; hones in on a small number of variants.
  • Proven approach based on information theory.
  • Rapid results (10 minutes/genome).
  • Now Available Online!

Introduction to this revolutionary product …

Veridical software for RNASeq-based validation of predicted mutations:

  • First product on the market to validate mutations with NGS data
  • Statistical approach to confirm predictions from the Shannon pipeline
  • Validates thousands of predictions in a few hours
  • Peer-reviewed; see testimonials 

Single Copy (sc) technology: genomic hybridization products for genetic disease management:

Imaging chromosome abnormalities:

  • Patented image analysis algorithms and software to automatically detect chromosome abnormalities.
  • Cytogenetic abnormalities are detected regardless of chromosome appearance, shape or structure.
  • ADCI software for detecting dicentric chromosomes in blood, which are diagnostic for ionizing radiation exposures.
  • NIH funded

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