Testimonials for the Shannon pipeline

Mike Nickerson, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Cancer and Inflammation Program, US National Cancer Institute:

“The analytic tool is being applied to evaluate a variety of variants which can be difficult to interpret in terms of their effects on protein function.  Analysis of variants for potential effects on splicing provides a tool to distinguish deleterious mutations from passenger variants and generates hypotheses that can be experimentally evaluated using PCR of reverse-transcribed tumor RNA.”

Dr. med. Sebastian Beer, Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, Germany:

“It’s a great work you and your colleagues have performed. I was guided to your homepage by a couple of publication of yours.”

Mark Poznansky, CEO, Ontario Genomics Institute, Canada:

“Cytognomix’s Shannon pipeline is resolving significant data interpretation issues in cancer research.”

Dee Wu, Ph.D., Chief, Technology Applications & Translational Research, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA:

“Based on what I saw, it seems reasonably easy to run… Thank you again, this is support right up to the top of the knowledge on the product.”

Hanna Koskiniemi-Kuendig, Ph.D., Department of Medical Genetics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland:

“I was happy with the pipeline – it was easy to use and makes it feasible to analyze potential changes in splicing pattern in a large amount of data. I do think that the pipeline is very promising and could be useful for us for the analysis of whole genome/exome data.”

Paola Benaglio, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Medical Genetics, University of Lausanne:

“It is indeed the first one which can provide high throughput results about the consequences of variants on splicing, and I was very eager to use it. Since we have indeed obtained useful results…we are now discussing if it will be useful for the entire laboratory to subscribe a license, but I anticipate that we would be more interested in a CLC-free version, since we are rather using perl scripts and linux command lines for genome variant analysis.”