Software for validation of predicted mRNA splicing mutations

We have released Veridical, which uses transcriptomic data to assess evidence for all predicted splicing mutations in a genome, exome or gene panels. This software has been integrated into our new MutationForecastewebservice. To validate splicing mutations predicted by the Shannon pipeline,  a set of gene variants  and RNASeq data from the same individual are uploaded.  The online version features built-in controls, automated analyses, and directly returns results to users.

Commercial, long term, multi-seat licenses and installation support for the standalone version are also available. Contact  Cytognomix.

Previous trial users of Veridical may register with MutationForecaster.  After logging in, subscriptions to use Veridical and all other products can be activated through the Account menu on the system.

Read our peer-reviewed paper:  Validation of predicted mRNA splicing mutations using high-throughput transcriptome data. C. Viner, S.N. Dorman, B.C. Shirley, P.K. Rogan.  F1000Research 2014, 3:8.     

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Watch C. Viner’s award winning presentation at 2014 Compute Ontario Research Day:

Presentation: Handouts
Abbreviated User Guide: VeridicalUserDoc
Program Documentation:   Veridical program Documentation


Veridical is patent pending.


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