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Cytognomix is a London, Ontario-based biotechnology company developing software-based solutions and reagents for clinical genomics. The company has a significant intellectual property portfolio, which emphasizes products for clinical and research diagnostic applications. We sell our products directly to users, through distributors, and work with companies and researchers to integrate our software into existing pipelines.  Our staff has more than 75 years of combined experience in creating applications for human genetics and genomics.

Current products include mutation interpretation software, DNA probe reagents and companion software to detect chromosome abnormalities at the molecular level.

  • Cytognomix’s proprietary Single Copy (sc) technology brings precise, sensitive, and informative genetic disease management tools to advanced clinical laboratories for detection of chromosome anomalies related to genetic disease.  Cytognomix’s probes will assure correct diagnosis and make possible more personalized treatment than conventional approaches.
    • Ab initio SC technology is used design and produce targeted hybridization solution capture arrays, which maximally cover disease genes, resulting in the most comprehensive coverage across these loci on the market.
    • We offer oligonucleotide pools for  solution capture hybridization to enrich for complete gene and regulatory sequences, as companions to our bioinformatic interpretation software.
    • We design and produces molecular cytogenetic tests using fluorescent in-situ hybridization scFISH probes, which are more precisely defined and of higher granularity that other FISH reagents. A key Cytognomix tool is our proprietary genome browser interface that simplifies selection of single copy probes for nearly any gene-mapped disease.  scFISH probes are the only FISH products available that detect epigenetic differences between metaphase chromosomes.
    • Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) can use SC technology to increase reproducibility and reduce cost per sample.

Advantages of our Products.

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