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ADCI Software for biodosimetry

This shows the results of analyzing a metaphase cell with ADCI. Colored points are centromeres. Dicentric chromosomes contain 2 points of different colors. Normal chromosomes contain a single point.

Shannon pipeline software for mutation interpretation:

Splicing mutation schema

Variation within splice donor and/or acceptor sites may lead to altered splicing.

plotting information changes

Locations and quantitative information changes are plotted along a chromosome.

Veridical: validation of  the Shannon Pipeline:

Software for validating predicted splicing mutations

Automated Splice Site and Exon Definition Server:


Targeted capture arrays for next generation sequencing:

Hybridization enrichment for NGS

Tiling tracks for 7 breast cancer inherited genes. Additional reagents available for:
22 breast cancer inherited genes, and chemotherapy resistance genes

Genomic microarrays with high fidelity intensity measurements:

Genome-wide comparison

Precise diagnostic capabilities with our FISH probes:

Determination of chromosome breakpoints in translocations: Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia