July 29, 2016. The MutationForecaster Value Proposition

MutationForecaster is catching on. Researchers, clinicians and commercial laboratories are realizing the value of being able to detect and interpret mutations that other platforms miss.  Cytognomix has picked up multiple new subscribers from Germany, Switzerland, Australia,  China, and Canada this year, and subscription renewals from last year. Cytognomix continues to push the envelope, for the first time publishing papers describing a Unified framework for analyzing gene variants in non-coding and coding gene regions  and applying this framework in a large clinical study of inherited breast and ovarian cancer. These reports have led to invitations to contribute our unique expertise to interpretation of results of large inherited cancer genetic studies in the United States and in France.  These ongoing projects are showing that the effects of  mutations we predict by information theory-based approaches can be confirmed with corresponding  gene expression studies in collaborators’ laboratories. What are we working on next for the MutationForecaster suite?  

  • Adding to our Interactive Report generator to summarize key findings (currently available at MutationForecaster).
  • Incorporating our  Unified Analytical Framework for complete gene and genome sequence analysis.
  • Bespoke Consulting Services to assist you with variant analysis using our software products

This will give our customers will have access to our latest for analysis, filter and interpret their own data.  Wouldn’t you like access to these capabilities?  Subscribe! NGS sequencing itself may be more accessible and economical today than it has ever been.  What we’ve learned from our complete gene sequencing projects is that this success comes with rapidly expanding collections of gene variants, many of which have never been reported before or have been found only rarely.  Comprehensive sequencing significantly magnifies the challenges of accurate genome interpretation.  Our approach allows you to focus these large collections on only the most functionally relevant variants for review, experimental validation, and prioritization. See what others think of  MutationForecaster to gain access to our patented technologies. They are only available from Cytognomix.

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