May 22, 2017. Protocol on automated radiation biodosimetry accepted for publication


Our article:

“Expedited radiation biodosimetry by automated dicentric chromosome identification and dose estimation”

Ben Shirley 1^ , Yanxin Li 1^ , Joan H. M. Knoll 1,2 , and Peter K. Rogan 1,3

1 CytoGnomix, Departments of 2 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and 3 Biochemistry, Western

University, London, ON Canada

has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. The paper describes, in detail, the protocol for use of the Automated Dicentric Chromosome Identifier and Dose Estimator (ADCI). It will be accompanied by a professionally produced video that illustrates how the software is used to determine radiation dose from metaphase cell images.

Short abstract:

The cytogenetic dicentric chromosome (DC) assay quantifies exposure to ionizing radiation. The Automated Dicentric Chromosome Identifier and Dose Estimator software accurately and rapidly estimates biological dose from DCs in metaphase cells. It distinguishes monocentric chromosomes and other objects from DCs, and estimates biological radiation dose from the frequency of DCs.

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