February 8, 2013. Trialing the Shannon Pipeline for mRNA Splicing Mutation Analysis.

Experience the superior sensitivity and speed of the pipeline for yourself. After downloading the free client, you can connect to a trial version of Cytognomix’s commercial plugin installed on the CLC Bio Genomics Server on our DAIR cloud account.  There, you may work with the results of our genome-wide analysis of three different cancer cell lines (described in our upcoming paper, see below), or import your own variants and analyze them. Download the Trial Shannon Pipeline Installation Guide for further details on the capabilities of the trial version and on how you may access it.


  1. Interpretation, Stratification and Evidence for Sequence Variants Affecting mRNA Splicing in Complete Human Genome Sequences.  Shirley BC, EJ Mucaki, T Whitehead, PI Costea, P Akan, and PK Rogan, Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics, in press.
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