February 1, 2013. Notice of Allowance on new US Patent on human genomic hybridization

US Patent Application Serial No. Skip to Main Content13/469,531 has had all claims allowed by the USPTO.

This application, AB INITIO GENERATION OF SINGLE COPY GENOMIC PROBES, covers the method and applications of single copy probes containing at least one divergent repetitive element.  Examples of probes are described in our new publication:   “Expanding probe repertoire and improving reproducibility in human genomic hybridization” by Stephanie N. Dorman, Ben C. Shirley, Joan H. M. Knoll and Peter K. Rogan in Nucleic Acids Research.  The patent covers many uses of these  probes, including FISH, microarray genomic hybridization, microsphere solution hybridization, and targeted capture arrays for genomic library enrichment in next generation sequencing.

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