Customized scFISH probes

Snapshots of predesigned SC-FISH probes from selected regions of chromosomes 9 and 17

Customized single copy FISH probes can detect small rearrangements in chromosomes with precision, without compromising sensitivity or specificity. Useful for chromosome breakpoint delineation or confirmation of subtle rearrangements suggested by other techniques.


Probes pre-designed for ~223,000 genomic intervals (average genomic resolution ~15 kb)
Available labeled or unlabeled
No Cot-1 or blocking DNA required
Probes detect 100 fold smaller genomic targets than  conventional FISH probes. Sizes range from 1.5 to 10 kb
Often multiple probes per gene available
Probes detect rearrangements in small genes
Probe validation by nested PCR or other rapid hybridization methods. Optional FISH validation available.
All probes have been validated by FISH
Research Use Only
Covered by  US Pat. No 7,734,424,   8,209,129, and 8,407,013

A subscription to our  MutationForecaster system provides genome browser access to our genome-wide custom probe designs through the  cytogenetic Visual Analytics Decision Support Tool. This tool displays the locations of all of our custom FISH products. Or, contact us for the probes you are looking for.