Standard Fish Probes Catalog

scFISH probes used to detect cytogenetic abnormalities associated with genomic disorders

Chromosome /Disorder Catalog Number GenBank Accession Gene Interval** Cytogenetic nomenclature
1/Monosomy 1p36 Sx ST-0000001 AL031282 CDC2L1 IVS 11-3 UTR ish del (1)(p36.3)(CDC2L1-)
ST-0000002 AL031282 CDC2L1 3 UTR
4/ Wolf-Hirschorn Sx ST-0000003 NT_000102 HD Exon 67 – 0.2 kb downstream ish del (4)(p16.3)(HD-)
5/Cri-du-Chat Sx ST-0000004 NT_000149 CTNND2 IVS 17 ish del (5)(p15.2)(CTNND2-)
ST-0000005 NT_000149 CTNND2 IVS 14
ST-0000006 NT_000149 CTNND2 IVS 13
ST-0000007 NT_000147 SEMA5A IVS 3 ish del (5)(p15.31)(SEMA5A-)
ST-0000008 NT_000147 SEMA5A IVS 3
ST-0000009 NT_000147 SEMA5A IVS 3
ST-0000010 AF119117 SLC6A3 IVS 3 ish del (5)(p15.33)(SLC6A3-)
7/Williams Sx ST-0000011 NT_000398 L1MK1 IVS 2 ish del(7)(q11.23q11.23)(LIMK1-)
ST-0000012 NT_000398 L1MK1 IVS 13-3UTR
8/Langer- ST-0000013 NT_002886 TRPS1 IVS 1 ish del(8)(q23.3q24.1)(TRPS1-)
Giedeon Sx ST-0000014 NT_002886 TRPS1 IVS 1
9/CML ST-0000015 U07561 ABL1 Exon 1b-IVS 1b ish t(9;22)(q34;q11.2)(ABL st)
(Chronic myelogenous leukemia) ST-0000016 U07562 ABL1 IVS 1b
ST-0000017 U07563 ABL1 IVS 3 ish t(9;22)(q34;q11.2)(ABL mv)
ST-0000018 U07563 ABL1 IVS 3
ST-0000019 U07563 ABL1 IVS 4-IVS 6 ish t(9;22)(q34;q11.2)(ABL mv)
ST-0000020 U07563 ABL1 Exon 11-IVS 11
12/ALL (Acute lymphocytic leukemia) ST-0000021 NT_000601 TEL/ETV6 IVS2 ish t(12;21)(p13;q22)(TEL sp)
ST-0000022 NT_000601 TEL/ETV6 IVS3
ST-0000023 NT_000601 TEL/ETV6 IVS5-IVS6
13/ Aneuploidy ST-0000024 AL355338 ZIC2 ~5.8 kb downstream ish del(13)(q32)(ZIC2-) or
ST-0000025 AL355338 ZIC2 ~2 kb upstream ish del(13)(q32)(ZIC2x3)
15/Prader-Willi, Angelman & Duplication Sx ST-0000026 AC004600 UBE3A IVS 8-IVS 9 ish del(15)(q11.2q11.2)(UBE3A-)
ST-0000027 AC004737 IC/SNRPN IVS 3 to Exon u1B2 ish del(15)(q11.2q11.2)(IC/ SNRPN-)
ST-0000028 U41384.1 SNRPN Promoter – IVS 1 ish dup(15)(q11.2q13)(UBE3A++,
ST-0000029 AC004737 IC/SNRPN IVS 5-Exon u1B2-IVS 3 IC/SNRPN++), and ish dic(15q11.2q13) (UBE3A++,IC/SNRPN++)
ST-0000030 AC004737 IC/SNRPN IVS 5-Exon u1B
ST-0000031 AC006596 MAGEL2 CDS- 3 UTR-2 kb downstream ish del(15)(q11.1q11.2)(MAGEL2-) or
ST-0000032 AC006596 MAGEL2 ~4 kb downstream ish dup (15)(q11.2q11.2)(MAGEL2++)
ST-0000033 AC006596 MAGEL2 ~22 kb downstream


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